Saturday, January 8, 2011

Geram + Geram + Geram

aiii frends, ak sgt2 geram arini...1st ----> my class today is cancel without let me know...nobody tell us that class is cancel...bila dah smp dlm klas n dah duduk,tup..tup lecturer lain br ckp,fulltime student u can go out,ur class is postpone by tomorrow...huhh..ngan perasaan yg bermcm2,kami pn kuar la klas,tinggallah bdk part time jer dlm klas tue....

tetiba trpk if let say the same case happen again, how ??? mcm x sistemaik la schedule dia....last minute tell student that class is x xper la,bcoz this is the 1st class today for the subject, we assume that lecturer don't have our phone number n student also dun have lecturer phone number....skrg dah dpt phone no lecturer now,hope after this should b okey..

2nd -----> my broadband problem, dibar utk kali keduanyer...sgt2 geram n tension jerr today....pastu org tu ckp nak kena charge RM10....sengal tol org maxis nie.....tahu nak telan duit org jer....hampeh....k lah...smp cnie dulu citer...daaaaaaaaaaaaa


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